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We are proud to launch the Grafton College Alumni. London shares great gifts with the world: knowledge, inspiration, leadership, and service. Grafton College cultivates each of those elements through its education, and its graduates carry their learning and experiences beyond the boundaries of the college. Grafton College aims to have its students, for example, “develop their intellectual, moral, civic, and creative capacities to the fullest. We aim for all members of the Grafton College community to share their knowledge and capabilities with communities and individuals worldwide, through our teaching and through leadership and service by our faculty, students, and graduates. Grafton College and its graduates are powerful forces for addressing the many and diverse challenges facing the world and its populations. That is the very ethos of our Alumni. Please read through the strategic plan for Alumni for the year 2016-17.

Strategic Plan

Phase One (March – September 2016)

  1. Launch Grafton College Alumni;Grafton College will engage with students, graduates, staff members, Student Staff Liaison Committee to launch its first Alumni. 
  2. Expanded online learning programmes for Alumni; 
  3. Grafton College will open its e-learning employability courses for its graduates in order to facilitate improvement in their employability skills. Grafton College wants all its students (current and graduates) to experience the Grafton Employability Framework.
  4. First meeting with Grafton College Alumni and Student Representatives; 
  5. In September the College will initiate a first meeting between Alumni and Student Representatives in order to establish a link between them and provide them with networking opportunities.
  6. Strategic Support from College Management including sponsorship opportunities for Alumni.
  7. Invite active members from Alumni in College who are working in various sectors to share sector knowledge and employability skills with the current students.
  8. A dedicated section would be created on the Grafton College website to promote Alumni and its events.

Phase Two (October 2016 – March 2017)

  1. Strengthen alumni connections to the University through high-quality, high-impact alumni programmes.
    Grafton College would start programs such as awards for successful alumni members who are active members. The College will also start a campus sharing service with the Alumni. This would all be a part of the Alumni recognition programme.
  2. Start a Grafton College newsletter that records events specially related with Alumni and share that with the wider community.
  3. Develop a social media strategy for Grafton College Alumni;

The official emailed for alumni is



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